Formed in the central coast of California in 2014, alternative Americana group “The Simple Parade” creates music that is as fluid and free as the ocean waters it was bred from. Lead by Justin Hooper (vocals/guitar/piano), Kayla Hooper (vocals/percussion), Kevin Ostrom (guitar), Brigg Kula (drums), Josh Anamier (bass), and Nathan Blacka (violin), the band speaks to the rawest parts kept hidden with their feel-good, acoustic-driven tunes. 

Since his time in high school choir, where his school was one of three in the nation selected to sing in Carnegie Hall, Justin Hooper felt a passion for songwriting, guitar, and piano. After meeting his now wife and bandmate, Kayla Hooper, the two dedicated their lives to creating music for others. Through the years and life’s ups-and-downs music has been their shining light.

Inspired by the thick lyricism and evocative vocals of artists such as: Simon & Garfunkel, Brandi Carlile, Coldplay, The Civil Wars, and Chris Stapleton, The Simple Parade works to ask questions and tackle topics that many people ponder, but rarely talk about. The Hoopers’ smooth tag-teamed vocals paired with multi-level string accompaniments make for a layered, energetic and easy listening feel in every track. 

Fresh out of the gate, their debut single, “Confetti” (2014) earned them the New Times Music Award, while their first full album “A Love Story” (2016) earned them several awards, such as the Great American Songwriting Award for “Heartstrings” and the Akademia Award for Best Americana Song for “Go With You.” Their newest singles and music videos, “Going Through Something,” (released November 2018) and “Broken Beauties” (released January 2019) are just the first taste of what is to come from their upcoming album, Seeker, to be released later in 2019. 

It's so easy to get caught in life's rigid assembly line or its immovable traffic jam. Instead, the hope is to enjoy the simple thrill of the parade, where everyone has their own unique part to play. One’s parade should stem from the relationships they make along the way, and though the march is rarely easy, it never has to be made alone. 

So come on and join The Simple Parade, as they make music that speaks to soul and is created for you.