The "Going Through Something" Project

So back in early 2015, I was hit by some bad news from my doctor (called 3 times in a row on a Sun morning, never a good sign), and after learning “my numbers were literally off the charts”, and that I had almost died from what ended up being untreated late-onset Type 1 diabetes, I took some stock on how I was doing life. I realized I needed to start being more honest and vulnerable about how I was really doing with people, and over quite a few coffee shop conversations I realized that I was not alone in my struggles. In fact, the more people I talked to, the more I realized that everyone was either going through or had gone through something challenging in their lives. So, being a songwriter, I took some of these stories I heard and put them into what is now our new single.

Going Through Something (Official Video)

On top of that, over the past year I (and at times various other members of the band, who all rock and are awesome) have been playing this song live all across the Denver area. Our “Going Through Something” music video is a collection of these performances (and various beard lengths) that were documented as a reminder that there is no need for us to feel alone here. 

Our hope and prayer is that this song does something good in the world, and I want to personally thank you all for being willing to help us get the word out there. It is my personal belief that once we bring to light our struggles, we will be more equip to move forward together, and it is at that moment when you can again find the joy in the simple thrills of your parade!

-Justin Hooper