A boy walks, his footprints stuck in the sand,

Well he goes too far and becomes a man

Fatherhood is a poetry 

Where the son follows that boy’s wandering feet


A hospital is an ironic place

Where joy is hard on a solemn face

In a crowded room a brave man loses his fight

But across the hall a baby breathes first life


Oh show me why, why the good die young

And show me why, a father loves his son

Show me why, why we start at a crawl

Show me why, why love is worth it all


A soldier’s wounded on the battle lines

In freedoms pulse he watches comrades die

That boy lies in the medic’s wing

Wondering why heavens birds still sing


The demons played with my heart today

As the angels took my grandfather away

They say when I was born he welled up with pride

God must have done the same when he reached the other side


Show me why, these moments tug heart strings

Show me why, the angel needs its wings

Show me why, we always seem to fall

Show me why, why love is worth it all