The Simple Parade Music Lessons

Piano and Guitar Instruction for the Musician at Heart



Hello future musician! Justin Hooper here (aka The Simple Parade), and as a self-taught musician I have spent the past few years developing a unique and original way of showing students how to play both the piano and the guitar. I have broken up instruction into 2 Different Programs:

"High School":  This is where students learn the basics of the instrument. This includes chords, scales, tempo, patterns, basic theory, basic sheet music, basic ear training, basic song writing, etc. (everyone persons brain learns music in a different way, so this is a sampler platter of sorts to see what approach a student latches on to).

"College": Once students "graduate", they get to start taking ownership of their musical endeavors. With the basic tools they learned in "High School" they get to choose what direction they want to take with their music, and I get to become more of a facilitator on their journey of musical discovery.


30 Min Lesson: $35 once a week

45 Min Lesson: $45 once a week


  •           If a student has to miss a lesson, let me know at least 24 hours ahead of time so I can plan accordingly. If student fails to alert me within 24 hours (unless it is an emergency), they will have to pay for that lesson.

  •           If I have to cancel a lesson, I must let the student know 24 hours ahead of time, otherwise the next lesson is free.

 •           Location: My Littleton home or the student’s house. If the lesson is given at the student’s house, there will be an additional fee to provide for gas (TBD depending on driving distance).

•           Length of lesson can be subject to instructors discretion (dependent on instrument and age of student). Due to the more advanced nature of this Program, it is designed for Ages 9 and up (exceptions may apply depending on musical background of student).


I believe that music is a wonderful gift, and my overall goal is for my students (and hopefully their families!) to experience the true joy that music can bring. Space is limited, so sign up today!


Contact information:

            Cell Phone: 805.305.3937




*Special offer: If you refer me to a new student who starts lessons, you will get a music lesson for free!