The Simple Parade - Going Through Something

Single Reviews

Staccatofy - Eliana Fermi - 11/2/18

“There is something moving when a song’s lyrics hit home. Hooper has created a tune that elaborates the dilemma of self-doubt that so many of us encounter in our daily lives. He frames it in a caring and meaningful way and exalts the fact that he too is subject to the same doubts, but is willing to earnestly share his vulnerabilities through his music. His voice is a powerful vehicle and “Going Through Something” is an anthem of allowing oneself to heal. Won’t you join their parade? I am!“

comeherefloyd - CHF Staff - 11/5/18

“There are many worries in our lives. But we make due, to fight stronger and better, in the next days. The understanding and empathy gets all of us through the day. Loved ones, friends, fans makes our societies turn round and round. Let’s make it a go of it, the right way – as we all can.”

Rock The Pigeon - Ryan Cassata - 11/12/18

“The Simple Parade’s new single “Going Through Something” is a humbling folk track that has the ability to connect humanity. The lyrics focus on the reality that every single person in this world is struggling with something currently or has struggled. Holding that knowledge close to the heart could help people work with one another instead of push each other away.”

Music For Your Heart - 11/2/18

“A ballad where these artists perfectly master the song, the writing, the interpretation and especially, what interests us the most here, you know it: the emotions. A real pleasure to listen. Everything is true. Everything is natural. And everything is sincere. What to embellish your weekend with these notes of sweets, which are welcome.”

Modern Music Maker - 11/10/18

“Songwriters Justin and Kayla Hooper have crafted a tune that touches on pure emotion. There isn’t a soul in the world who doesn’t experience hardship at some time or another. Life can change in an instant, and The Simple Parade have put this truth to music. The lyrics are honest and reflective, with a blend of heartache and hope. We can see why this duo has earned praise from songwriting competitions and magazine features. The video pulls no punches and is as moving as the song’s message.”

Musical Notes Global - MNG Staff - 11/2/18

“The Simple Parade is our latest obsession.”

“The track is stunningly intimate, speaking to the vulnerabilities, fears, and hopes that lie in all of us.”

Bong Mines Entertainment - Zangba Thomson - 11/9/18

“‘Going Through Something’ contains a relatable storyline, heartfelt vocals, and a guitar-driven instrumentation flavored with a peaceful vibration.”